Learn About Your Financial Strengths

You’ve got skills…

Even if you’d like to improve some financial habits, you already have skills that help you manage your money. It’s also likely that some of your ideas could help others improve their money habits too. In this module you’ll learn about your own skills. Then you’ll have a chance to share a tip with others.

Start with this brief survey. It should take about 10 minutes.

Financial Strengths Survey

At the end of this survey, you’ll have a chance to share a tip that has helped you with money management. When you finish, click on the submit button to receive a summary of your responses. Print or save your summary to review later. Then choose another module to learn more.

Here are some tips others have shared in this class

We all have ideas on ways to save money, pay bills, and make our dollars stretch.

Quote mark I have a debit card that I put $20 – $30 on every payday…Now that I see how much I can save, I want to keep putting money away…and I don’t even notice the $20 sometimes.

Quote mark I make my car payment twice a month. I make two half-payments, so I don’t have to make such a big payment.

Quote mark I have my bills automatically taken out of my paycheck. It saves the hassle and I know it’s being paid. I don’t have to worry. Becoming accustomed to having your bill paid, even over the amount due, adds up. I now have two utilities with credit (on my account)!

Quote mark I re-sell items my family has outgrown to help pay for the next item they need.

Quote mark I use automatic deposit to put a little money from every check into a savings account just for car expenses (maintenance, car repairs and auto insurance). It’s there when I need it.

Quote mark I save all my loose change in a jar. Every couple of months we take it to the bank and deposit it into an account we started for a family trip.

If you’d like to share one of your own tips, be sure to take the Financial Strengths Survey

Certificate of Completion

If you’d like to certify that you’ve completed this module, be sure to contact a Financial Educator from UW-Madison Division of Extension to find out about program requirements.