This web site is intended to be a resource site for information concerning energy utilization, energy conservation and renewable energy. There are descriptions about different technologies, advantages, disadvantages, decision tools, presentations and sometime vendor lists were products can be purchased. Links to other websites and articles make this site a starting point for information on energy issues.

We begin with a section on agricultural energy efficiency. This section covers energy conservation for dairy farms, grain drying, irrigation, crop storage (potatoes in particular), aquaculture, greenhouses, maple syrup production, lighting and the Wisconsin Agricultural Re-wiring program. Contact information for assistance in getting energy efficiency grants is also included.

References to companies or manufacturers in this web site is not an endorsement of any products nor is the lack of a company appearing on a list to be construed as a criticism of a product or company. Any links to other web sites are provided for your convenience and have been reviewed and judged relevant to the subject matter. The University of Wisconsin takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content.

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