Permitting Process for Biofuels Combustion – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has provided a preliminary overview of the State’s environmental regulations. Please review this document if you are considering the installation of a biofuels combustion project. Wisconsin DNR encourages you to contact them in the early stages of planning your project.

In the overview document, you will find answers to your questions involving site evaluations and a list of possible permits that are required for certain operations or processes.

Additionally, Wisconsin DNR has compiled the flow charts below to provide a better understanding of key concerns for site evaluations and planned facility operations.

Final New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for Residential Wood Heaters

EPA has regulated wood stove particulate emissions since 1988. On February 3, 2015, the EPA strengthened its clean air standards for residential wood heaters to make new heaters more efficient and improve air quality. Additionally, these updates create federal air standards for many previously unregulated new wood heaters, including outdoor and indoor wood-fired boilers (also known as hydronic heaters), and indoor wood-burning forced air furnaces. The revisions apply to new heaters ONLY and do not apply to existing wood stoves and other wood heaters installed in peoples’ homes.

The rule becomes effective on Friday, May 15, 2015; however, the final rule also allows retailers to sell woodstoves that meet 1988 requirements and for hydronic heaters through the end of the year.

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Wood Pellet Standards

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a non-profit organization involved in setting quality standards for wood pellets. Table 1 of the Standards shows the criteria for Premium, Standard, and Utility grade wood pellets.  For a full description of pellet standards click here.