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Learn About Wood to Heat Your Home: Heating your home with wood can be a great option…if it is done correctly. Before switching to or adding wood heat, here are some key questions you need to answer first.

Learn About Using Wood to Heat Your Greenhouse: For most greenhouse operators, heating cost is the 2nd or 3rd highest cost in producing plants so it’s an important issue. There are a number of great appliance options, but before switching to wood you need to answer a couple of key questions.

Determine if Wood Energy Works for Your Business: A good place to start with any wood energy project, whether a conversion or a new installation, is with a pre-feasibility assessment. To get started, try using one of the online tools or contact one of our Team’s Wood Energy Advisers.

Determine if Wood Energy Works for Your Institution: WI State Wood Energy Team Members are available to assist institutional building managers in determining whether wood energy is a viable option. Click to get started!

Find a Wood Energy Adviser: The Wisconsin Wood Energy Team provides training and support for a network of Wood Energy Advisers. These Advisers are able to conduct initial consultations with homeowners and businesses to discuss wood energy options and the feasibility of conversion to or installation of wood heating systems, and know just who to talk to about large-scale projects.

Find a Grant to Fund Your Project: Click for resources to help fund your project and build a more economical wood energy system for your home or business.