Grain Drying and Storage

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Resources for 2019 drying and storage

Weather and energy shortages playing havoc on drying corn, Scott Sanford, University of Wisconsin Extension, November 2019.

Corn Drying and Storage Tips for 2011, Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University, 2011

This fact sheet covers many solutions to the issues we are experiencing in the 2019 harvest season.

Grain dryers are generally divided into batch and continuous flow type dryers. Dryers can be operated at high temperatures using propane or natural gas or other fuels to heat the air or use unheated ambient air or low temperature air that is heated up 10°F using solar heating or an electric resistance heater. Continuous flow dryers are usually described by the air flow path in relation to the grain flow hence grain dryers have names that include cross flow, concurrent flow, counter flow and mixed flow.

Dr. Dirk Maier and Dr Fred Bakker-Arkema have written a paper, Grain Drying Systems, that was presented at the 2002 Facility Design Conference of the Grain Elevator & Processing Society which provides a good overview of drying concepts, drying system considerations and a brief discussion of the different dryers types and the some of the advantages and limitations for each dryer type. Click Here to open a PDF of the paper. Courtesy of GEAPS.


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