Auction Paperwork

All Species Information: This information is important for all members to read

Contact the Auction Committee with any questions or concerns here:

Rules and Requirements:

2023 4-H Auction Procedures and Qualifications

What I Learned Today – 2023 Auction

Auction Processor Form

Livestock Projects and Auction Calendar: 

2022-2023 Sheep Project Meeting Dates

Other forms: 

Information about Country of Origin (COOL):

Exhibitor COOL sheet – sheep and meat goats only need this form

Fair Staff COOL Sheet


Family Contact Page: All families should have one of these forms filled out and on file. If this is your first year or your information changed, make sure to fill this out and turn it in on Wednesday

Family Contact Page


4-H Livestock Point Sheet

Feed Sheets and Other Project Specific Information (will be filled in as available)


Beef Feed Sheet



Sheep Project Animal Cost Sheet




Rabbit (Market) Feed Sheet doc


Kewaunee County 4-H 2023 Poultry Auction Record Book