Club Management Resources

4-H 101 Online

Description: The 4-H 101 Online volunteer training series was contracted by the Navy Child and Youth Programs to provide their workers with necessary training to effectively operate 4-H Clubs on each Naval Installation. Each of the 16 sessions provides basic information about the 4-H Youth Development program, including a quiz.

Link to training (will need to create an account before beginning) or contact Steve McKinley

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Length of training: approximately 2.5 hours

Authors: Steve McKinley, 4-H Extension Specialist


4-H Bounty

Description: If you are looking for some excellent ideas for your next club meeting that will enhance and strengthen your 4-H experience, check out the 4-H Bounty! It is the quicker, picker, upper of 4-H. This monthly club guide focuses on leadership activities, community service, youth-in-action and specific project areas. Additionally, this resource prepares youth and their families for county and state events.

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Authors: SDSU Extension


Engaging Teens/Older 4-H Youth

Description: Attention to making youth programs fun, interesting, welcoming and encouraging to young people in our 4-H Youth Development programs is important but not enough. This session, co-developed and delivered by youth and adult volunteers, will provide insight, tools, and resources volunteers can use to more effectively engage and meet the needs of teen members, a common challenge in youth programs.

Contact Becky HarringtonRachelle Vettern, or Kandi O’Neil

Additional Resources

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Authors: Becky Harrington, University of Minnesota; Kandi O’Neil, University of Wisconsin; Brenda Shafer, University of Minnesota; Rachelle Vettern, North Dakota State University


Leading a 4-H Club: Web Resources for 4-H Club Leaders

Description: Managing and leading a 4-H club or group is an important volunteer role within our organization. This webpage addresses the role of the 4-H club leader, the 4-H program planning and operations processes, and how to engage youth and other adults in it.
Link to webpage or contact Becky Harrington
Length of training: N/A
Authors: Becky Harrington, Trisha Sheehan, Carrie Olson


New and Emerging Curriculum

Description: This e-Forum session contained three parts: Get Connected in Your 4-H World (volunteer resource identification); 4-H Science (STEM curriculum options); and Community Service Learning (involving 4-H members in giving back to their communities)

Link to training or contact Steve McKinley or Rachelle Vettern

Additional Resources

View Training Handouts in Google Drive

Length of training: 120 minutes

Authors: Rachelle Vettern, North Dakota State University Dixie Sandborn, Michigan State University Steve McKinley, Purdue University


New 4-H Volunteer Orientation

Description: The Indiana 4-H New Volunteer Orientation includes six online modules designed to provide new volunteers with the basic information they need to know about the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program. Included with each module is a quiz, providing feedback for the volunteers.

Link to training or contact Steve McKinley

View Training Handouts in Google Drive

Length of training: approximately 45 minutes

Authors: University of Minnesota Extension Steve McKinley, Purdue University 4-H Extension Specialist


4-H Program Management: 2011 NCR Volunteer e-Forum

Description: This session has two topics: Keeping Your Cool While Working with Youth and Reducing the Risks of 4-H Club Meetings. Participants will explore various, useful techniques that can be used when working with youth. They will also identify potential risks, what risks can be managed, and acquire resources for those decisions.

Link to training or contact Pat McGlaughlin

Additional Resources

View Training Handouts in Google Drive

Length of training: 110 minutes

Authors: Pat McGlaughlin and Sheri Seibold, University of Illinois Vicki Schwartz and Brenda Young, Ohio State University


Using Technology to Enhance Your 4-H Experience

Description: Technology can be a great tool to support better communication and learning with 4-H participants. This session will share some easy ways that technology can help 4-H leaders be better connected with youth participants.

Link to training or contact Kari Robideau

View Training Handouts in Google Drive

Length of training: 2 hours

Authors: Rod Buchele, KSU; Mark Light, OSU; Molly Frendo, MSU; Kari Robideau, UMN


You’ve Got Parents! Now What??

Description: This e-Forum session provides recommended practices for effectively involving 4-H parents into the 4-H Program with their children

Link to training or contact Pat McGlaughlin or Steve McKinley

View Training Handouts in Google Drive

Length of training: 90 minutes

Authors: Pat McGlaughlin, University of Illinois Steve McKinley, Purdue University Mary Jo Williams, University of Missouri