HeatWave – Rock County 4-H Show Choir

HeatWave is a show choir founded in 1991 as a positive outlet and educational opportunity for 4-H youth in Rock County. HeatWave exists to teach performance skills and develop talent; to encourage cooperation and creativity; to expand and demonstrate leadership and communication skills; and to promote Rock County 4-H as its musical ambassadors.

Communications Arts Festival 2019

Registration for the 2019 Rock County 4-H Communication Arts Festival is open and the informational packet is available. There are two different ways to register:

• Register online at
• Email info to
• Mail the registration form found in the last page of the informational packet to Ariel Stefanczyk

2019 Volleyball Information

Register Here
2019 Volleyball Rules

The 2019 4-H Volleyball tournament will be Sunday, March 3rd at Parker High School in Janesville. The Junior and Senior tournaments will once again be on the same day. Club registrations are due by Friday, February 22nd.

If you have questions, please contact Darcy McCoy at 608-931-1131 or