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About Community Youth Development

Division of Extension programming historically focuses on civic engagement in its adult and youth programming in order to empower audiences on issues of concern for their own lives, local communities and the state as a whole.  Youth programming as conducted within the Institute for Positive Youth Development utilizes the experiential learning model and Youth-Adult Partnership in order to Teach.  Learn.  Lead.  Serve.  

Ongoing Community Youth Development priorities to both conceptualize change and design/implement approaches could include a variety of cross programming collaboration, organizational change pilots based on Y-AP dimensions and Rock County conversations organized around Youth Program Quality Assessment Standards.  These opportunities for partnership inform strategies to enhance existing PYD programming and Y-AP in practice as well as create as needed both within organizations and across community coalitions.

It’s all about the roles youth, adults and organizations play in answering the question ‘What is Purpose?’

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You can read more about UW-Madison, Division of Extension programming statewide in Community Youth Development here

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