Club Annual Charter Renewal and Financial Report

4-H Charter Application – for New and Returning 4-H Clubs & Groups

The 4-H Charter indicates that a 4-H Club or Group is organized in accordance with the objectives of the Wisconsin 4-H program. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension grants 4-H Charters which formally authorizes a Wisconsin 4-H Club or Group to use the 4-H Name and Emblem for educational purposes in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  In addition, the 4-H Charter Application provides:

  • Documentation of educational activities of the 4-H Club or Group/Committee needed for liability coverage for 4-H volunteers and members
  • Program impact evaluation and educational planning
  • Documentation of compliance by 4-H Clubs and Groups with EEO, ADA guidelines, and Civil Rights laws.

Wisconsin 4-H Club and Group Charter Application will be posted August 1 and must be completed online by November 1.

A few tips as the club or group completes the Charter Application:

  • SMART Goals Resource Guide (Printable PDF) – Can be used with the Club or Group to develop SMART Goals.
  • Bylaws Templates
    • 4-H Club Bylaws Template (Updated August 2022) – specifically designed for 4-H Clubs (Community Clubs, Afterschool Clubs, Classroom Clubs, Military Clubs)
    • 4-H Group and Leaders Organization Bylaws Template coming soon.  Work with your County Educator to adapt bylaws in the meantime.
  • Sample Program Year Calendar (Fillable PDF) – Can be used with the Club or Group to plan your 4-H program year activities.
  • If you indicate your group is planning a higher-risk activity, the local 4-H Educator will review it and let you know if it is approved.
  • Wisconsin 4-H Policies

Other important Wisconsin 4-H Charter information:

  • All 4-H Clubs and Groups must be chartered, be formally recognized as a committee of a chartered County 4-H Leader Organization or report directly to the 4-H Program Educator.
  • Requirements for a 4-H Club and chartered Groups are listed on the Wisconsin 4-H Policies webpage.
  • A 4-H Charter is given to a new 4-H Club or Group once all requirements are met. The successful completion of the Wisconsin 4-H Charter Application begins this process. 4-H Clubs and Groups newly applying to become a 4-H Club or Group should work with their local 4-H Program Educator to determine a completion date.
  • 4-H Charters are renewed annually and will be granted upon successful completion of the Wisconsin 4-H Charter Application.
  • The Wisconsin 4-H Charter Application deadline is November 1 for returning 4-H Clubs and Groups or an earlier date as determined by the 4-H Program Educator.
  • Failure to submit a completed Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Charter Application by the due date could result in the 4-H Club or Group being dissolved.

Checking or Savings Accounts for 4-H Clubs and Groups*

All 4-H Clubs and Groups that have a checking and/or savings account must complete the Articles of Organization and have an Employee Identification Number before any accounts can be opened.

In addition, 4-H Clubs and Groups that have a checking and/or savings account must annually complete and submit the following documents to the 4-H Program Educator by September 1:

  1. Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Annual Financial Report
  2. Wisconsin 4-H Clubs & Groups Audit Checklist
  3. A copy of the checkbook and/or savings registry covering July 1 – June 30
  4. A copy of the bank statement ending June 30 or July 1 for each account. Any differences between the bank statement(s) and the ending balance reported must be reconciled and the reconciliation must be uploaded with the Annual Financial Report.
  5. A current inventory of land, buildings, property, or project equipment with individual values of $2,000 or greater.
  6. Monthly Treasurer’s Reports for 4-H Clubs or Groups with annual income greater or equal to $20,000.

This process allows the 4-H Club or Group to qualify for federal tax-exempt status under the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents General Exemption Number (GEN) for Wisconsin 4-H Clubs and Groups.

Failure to submit a completed Annual Financial Report and support documents by the due date could result in loss of tax exempt status, forfeiture of all financial assets and non-renewal of the 4-H Club or Group charter.

*Please note that 4-H Clubs and Groups are not required to have a checking and/or savings account.


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