Did you know that Rock County 4-H Youth Development has the largest 4-H club program in Wisconsin?  Youth learn life skills through community and after school 4-H clubs, county-wide activities and 4-H projects.  Strong youth-adult partnerships provide opportunities for youth to develop skills through hands-on, practical, research-based, fun activities.  Youth grow and develop as individuals, get involved in their communities and develop leadership skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Major programs include:

  • Community 4-H Clubs
  • After School 4-H Clubs
  • Summer 4-H Camp
  • Awards, Achievements and Recognition
  • Life Skill Development Through Projects and Activities
  • Youth-Adult Partnerships
  • Volunteer and Leadership Development

New Family Handbook 2018-2019

 What is 4-H membership?

A child becomes a 4-H member by joining a community 4-H club or an after school 4-H club. New members are welcome to visit 4-H club meetings and join 4-H at any time during the year. Membership is open to all youth regardless of their ethnic background, race, gender, handicap status, religious or political beliefs.

Club Info Sheet 2018-2019

How to enroll in Rock County 4-H:

The first step is to select a club.  (Click on the link to Rock County 4-H Club Information, above, for a list of clubs including when and where they meet.)  Feel free to contact a few clubs and/or visit their meetings to help determine which club is a good fit for your family.

Next, select the projects (educational content areas) in which you are interested in learning about.  Please see the policy regarding the maximum number of projects you can take, below.  All projects are listed in the Rock County 4-H Project Guide:

Rock County 4-H Project Guide 2018-2019 (pdf)

When you have selected your projects, you are ready to enroll through 4HOnline!  Instructions for enrolling are found here:

Enrolling in 4HOnline as a NEW family (pdf)

Finally, be SURE to attend the next meeting of your 4-H club and pay your enrollment fees to the club chairperson!  Then keep attending meetings, get involved in your projects, participate in club and county 4-H activities, and have a GREAT year in Rock County 4-H!

When can youth join 4-H?
Youth in Kindergarten (5K), first or second grade as of October 1st may join Rock County 4-H as Cloverbuds. Youth in third grade and up as of October 1st may join as regular members. Youth continue to be eligible for 4-H membership through the next 4-H year following their high school graduation and not to extend beyond the age of 19 at the time of enrollment.

In how many 4-H projects may a 4-H member enroll?

Starting for the 2017-2018 4-H year, there is no limit to the number of projects in which a 4-H member may enroll.  However, members must achieve each year by meeting the requirements listed in the next paragraph.

What are the achievement requirements?
In order to achieve, or meet the membership requirements for the year, the 4-H member must complete the following: 1) exhibit publicly in EACH project enrolled; 2) attend at least 3 regularly scheduled club meetings; 3) fulfill a yearly record requirement.  The record requirement may be a record book, essay or other option as approved by the Rock County 4-H Leaders Council.  4-H clubs may not set additional requirements for achievement.

What is the mission statement for Rock County 4-H?
The Rock County 4-H Program enables youth to develop leadership skills that are useful throughout life through youth empowerment with adults providing guidance and support.


Rock County 4-H Policy (includes Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Policies) revised April 2017 (pdf)

Major Revisions to current Rock County 4-H Policy as approved by the Rock County 4-H Junior and Senior Leaders Council(pdf)

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