Poultry Project

Explore the poultry industry, including turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, guinea hens, pigeons or quail. Learn about species and breeds, eggs, feather features, health, feeding, handling, washing, managing a flock, ethics, showing and careers.

Take Your Project Further!

  • Tour a poultry farm
  • Attend a poultry show and observe the judge and their techniques
  • Design a business card or marketing brochure for your farm or imaginary farm
  • Write an educational article about some aspect of poultry production for your newspaper
  • Organize a poultry showmanship contest
  • Attend a national poultry conference
  • Ride with a local veterinarian to learn about animal health
  • Visit a local grocery store to learn proper meat handling techniques
  • Visit a hatchery
  • Order eggs from a hatchery and hatch your own chickens or other poultry

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4-H Project & 4-H Activity Policies are available here.

UW-Extension Poultry Webpage

The following website is for anyone interested in poultry project guides, state-wide poultry competitions, and educational material within the poultry project. UW-Extension Wisconsin Poultry Website

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