Photography Project

Capture important moments, communicate your perspective and show how life appears through your lens with photography. Learn about cameras, lighting, and digital and film media so you can be ready when you find that great shot. Build skills you can use to excel in other 4-H opportunities and explore possible new careers.

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Photography Composition Tips

Provided by Daryl Hansen

Now is the time to start taking your photographs. Before you take your photo, frame the picture in the viewfinder. Simply shooting the picture will result in a snapshot, not a photograph. Here are some helpful photography guidelines:

  • Get close: Take the picture on the same level as your subject. Have your subject fill the viewfinder.
  • Keep background simple: Use backgrounds free from clutter. Avoid mergers (watch what is behind your subject’s head, for instance). Subject should be isolated and easily identified.
  • Rule of thirds: The center of interest should be at one of the intersecting areas.
  • Steady the Camera: Hold the camera still; use support or a tripod if necessary.
  • Move around: Get shots from different angles and elevations.
  • Frame subject: Use naturally occurring items to frame the subject.
  • Leading Lines: Use naturally occurring lines to lead to eye, for example: fences, streams, roads.

“Rule of thirds: The center of interest should be at one of the intersecting areas. “

Be sure to contact your photography leader if you have questions. Be CREATIVE and HAVE FUN with this project.

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