Youth Leaders

Lead in Your Club

Everyone in a club work together as a team. No position is more important than another. Adult volunteers support club officers, and club officers support adult volunteers. Presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, historians, reporters, and other officers all do their part to keep the club running smoothly. Members play a role in that too. What part of the team do you want to be?

Club Officer Resources

Click any of the club officer roles below to learn more about the responsibilities of that position:

Vice President
Club Photographer
Recreational Leader

Lead in Your Community

4-H offers lots of ways to lead in giving back to your community. Youth leaders involved in 4-H are generous and have learned many skills that are important to 4-H and the areas where they live. How will you give back?

You can start by leading in your county’s 4-H program.  There are lots of projects, committees, and boards where youth leaders may serve, have a voice in how decisions are made, and share their ideas and interests.

Check with the Positive Youth Development (PYD) staff person in your county to find out how you can help.

Lead in Your State, Your Country, and Your World

Older youth in Wisconsin 4-H have access to so many opportunities to both build leadership skills and use them. Some may be looking for ways to challenge themselves and learn about communication, decision making, problem solving, service and more. Others may feel ready to take what they have learned and lead—individually or in a group setting. Still other young people seek a combination of both. Whatever you are looking for, there’s an educational opportunity for you. Consider the following:

These and so many more experiences are waiting for you. Visit the Statewide Events and Opportunities page to read about all the settings—state, national, and international—where you can learn and lead.

Click here for Youth Leader resources and to learn more about 4-H Youth Leaders!

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