Youth-Adult Partnership Spotlight-Spring 2023

The winter Youth-Adult Partnership blog post focused on being intentional about describing who we are.  This spring as sunlight lengthens and warms our efforts, that language can be turned into helping describe what we need?  And after we ask for what we need, how do we engage each other to get those things?

The experiential learning model is a cycle and as with all cycles, moments never disappear.  We use them in the best way we know how.  We learn.  When the moment comes back around we improve.  I began my position in spring.  The first task I chose was to create a shared understanding for myself of Youth-Adult partnership in Rock County.  The voices shared here are being dusted off and shared once again during this YACH 101 workshop.  This will be my first opportunity of this kind to both build vocabulary and shared understanding about what youth-adult partnership means in practice AND to learn about a specific type of experiential learning cycle, the Youth Advocates for Community Health Five Steps of Action.

Stay tuned for reflections and community next steps.  

I will be updating this blog post all spring!


Looking for an alternative way to make decisions-What is sociocracy?

Looking for ways to increase belonging and engagement

Looking for a way to describe why you made your choice-Reflect on the following image shared by Social Justice Edgerton during a learning session on 4/11/21.

Looking for a way to redefine participation or ways to participate

Looking for a way to reflect on where you are now, take this quiz

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