Rock & Walworth County 4-H Show Choir

The 2022 show has been postponed, updates will be provided as information becomes available.

HeatWave is a show choir founded in 1991 as a positive outlet and educational opportunity for 4-H youth in Rock & Walworth County. HeatWave exists to teach performance skills and develop talent, to encourage cooperation and creativity, to expand and demonstrate leadership and communication skills, and to promote Rock & Walworth County 4-H as its musical ambassadors.

HeatWave does not hold auditions. The group’s requirements are:

1.) You must be in 7th grade or up as of October 1, 2022.
2.) You must be a 4-H member in Rock County.

Members must also:
1.) Have a willingness to lean
2.) Be enthusiastic and cooperative
3.) Be responsible and committed to hard work