Club Officers

Club officers lead club meetings and show leadership by keeping records and order. Each club has a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Additional officer positions may include a Historian, Reporter, Sunshine, Recreation Leader, Health Officer, Greeters, Junior Leaders and Parliamentarian. Always check your club by-laws for specific duties of each office. Remember your club meeting should always have three components: 1 – Business meeting, 2 – Education, and 3 – Recreation. For more resources about each position, please click here or call the county UWEX office.


President – Presides at all club meetings, runs meetings, and appoints committees as needed.

Vice President – Serves in the absence of the President and can chair committees.

Treasurer – The keeper of the club financials. Collects dues and writes checks while keeping the check book balanced. Reports at every meeting. They must also give the secretary a copy of their records for the Secretary’s book.

Secretary – Keeps complete and accurate minutes of all meetings, handles correspondence and keeps the 4-H secretary’s book up-to date. 
Forms and cover pages are available at the UWEX office, or can be downloaded on-line.

*Monthly club minutes must be mailed to the UWEX office each month or e-mailed to Tara at

Recreation – The officer who plans active play, team building, games, and ice breakers for the meeting.

Health – The officer who incorporates healthy living, themes, and education for your 4-H Club.

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