Did You Miss the March 1 Deadline to Enroll in 4-H or 4-H Projects to be Eligible to Exhibit at the Rock County 4-H Fair?

If so, the Rock County 4-H Fair is providing an opportunity for youth who missed the March 1 deadline to enroll in 4-H/4-H projects. Although there is a fee, depending on the circumstances, it might be worth exploring.

Please reference Section 7 on page 5 of the Rock County 4-H Premium Book for information. https://www.rockcounty4hfair.com/p/exhibitors

If you decide this is the route you’d like to pursue, please contact the Rock County 4-H Fair Office at 608-755-1470 and the Rock County Extension Office at 608-757-5066 to work through the process.

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