We’re Still Here: Diversity Action Team Program Call to Action Opportunities

While this program was cancelled, you can still learn more using the call to action resources.

  1. Self-Educate:
  1. Act:
  • Inside the classroomOn this page you can find several Orange Shirt Day curriculums suitable for grades 5-12.: https://www.orangeshirtday.org/teacher-resources.html  Here is a great lesson plan, suited for 8-12 grade social studies classrooms, but adaptable: http://www.aicphub.com/lesson_plans/ml_boardingschools.html 
  • Outside the classroom–American Indian Boarding Schools were designed to eliminate identity and identify expression specifically through culture and language.  Learn about how people still do this daily through microaggressions.  When choosing service learning projects, choose organizations seeking to preserve and grow cultural and language diversity.
  1. Share Your Voice: 
  • American Indian Boarding Schools illustrate the extreme devaluing of others, but less extreme examples are around us everyday.  This November reconsider ‘Thanksgiving’, how it shows up in your community, the ways its stories are told and have a conversation.  The American Indian Resource Guide created by Allies of Native Nations has a specific section dedicated to the topic of Thanksgiving. https://www.datrockco.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/2-25-2021-American-Indian-Resource-Guide.pdf