Meet the Producers

Fox Demo Farms: We’re Your Neighbors!

In 2014, the Fox Demo Farms started with four producers and in the fall of 2016, we expanded to include two additional farms. The participating farms are all located in the Fox River Basin and they include a wide range of farm types.

Fox Demo Farms is working to provide better information on the impact conservation systems have on water health. The participating farms demonstrate the effectiveness and adaptability of conservation practice systems to reduce erosion and sedimentation, control phosphorus runoff, and address other non-point source pollution issues. The Network has established an efficient mechanism to share the technology and lessons learned with farmers, agribusiness, conservation agencies, and the public.

The producers involved are trying to make farming work on their land, just like you! Recognize someone on the map? Meet with one of our participating producers or attend a field day to learn more about conservation agriculture and the lessons learned on the Fox Demo Farms!