Clean Water Pledge

Using conservation practices on your farm?

Sign the Clean Water Pledge and share the great work you’re doing with your community!

For more information about the field sign campaign or the Clean Water Pledge, please contact your local conservation staff. You can also contact Fox Demo Farms’ Outreach Specialist:

Whitney Prestby, UW-Madison Division fo Extension:

Thanks you to the Lower Fox Farmers who have signed the pledge!

Follow the links to view the farmer spotlight on the Fox Demo Farms Facebook page. 

– Brad Berger & Patti Schevers, Our Thunder Moon

– David Bougie, Bougie Farm – Farmer Spotlight

– Dan Brick, Brickstead Dairy

– Dan & Ray Diederich, Diederich Dairy, LLC. 

– Brian Horn, Hornstead Dairy, LLC.

– John Jacobs, Jacobs Brothers

– Paul Kaczmarek, Kaczmarek Heifer Raising

– Stan Kaczmarek, Kaczmarek Farms

– Andy Kiefer, Kiefer’s Maple Ledge Farm

– Tim Krueger, Krueger Century Farms – Farmer Spotlight

– John Leich

– Donald Micke

– Tom Perock, Elm Row Farms

– Leon Sprangers, Sprangers Family Dairy, LLC.

– Mark & Joe Van Asten, Neighborhood Dairy, LLC. – Farmer Spotlight

– Mike Van Asten – Farmer Spotlight

– John and Barb Van Deurzen, Van’s Sturdy Oak Acres – Farmer Spotlight

– Robert Van De Loo, Bob Van De Loo & Sons

– Nick Van Gheem, Nick Van Gheem Farms, LLC. – Farmer Spotlight

– Paul Van Gheem, Van Gheem Family Farm, LLC. – Farmer Spotlight

– Brian Van Groll, M B Van Groll Farms

– Craig Van Handel, Van Handel Dairy Farm, Inc. – Farmer Spotlight

– Derek Van De Hey, New Horizons Dairy

– Michael Van Rossum, Van Rossum Dairy

– Matt & Nick VanWychen, VanWychen Farms – Farmer Spotlight

– Tom & Bill VandeWettering, VandeWettering Farms

– Dale & Mark Verhasselt, R & E Farms, Inc.

– Daryl Woldt, Woldt Farms, LLC. – Farmer Spotlight