Communication Arts Festival

The annual Communication Arts Festival is right around the corner!

Why should you sign up?

  • There is something for EVERYONE! All ability levels are welcome.
  • If you enjoy public speaking, choose from several types: prepared speech on any topic, extemporaneous speaking, interpretive reading, memorized declaration, 4-H public service announcement contest, demonstration, and illustrated talk using PowerPoint or other visuals.
  • If you don’t enjoy public speaking, don’t let that stop you. Make a poster! Show off your creative writing skills with poetry, prose, story, or essay! Capture communication with photography! Or create an awesome display!
  • Cloverbuds are welcome too! Make a poster or recite the 4-H pledge.
  • It’s free!
  • Where better to conquer your fear of public speaking but in front of a friendly judge and 4-H audience? Learning to speak in front of people equips you for success in the future and right now too! Want more info? Go to the Rock County 4-H Facebook page or for the informational packet that contains category rules.

Registration is due by Friday, January 17 by registering online at

Find detailed information in the 2020 Communication Arts Festival Informational Packet

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Sign up today!

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