Youth Tractor Safety Virtual Courses Available!

If you or someone you know is interested in Youth Tractor Safety Courses, please visit the UW-Madison Division of Extension Farm Management website. Currently, there is not an in-person course offered in our area. Please consider enrolling in the Virtual Course, 8:30 a.m.-noon, Monday, July 11-Friday, July 15 with driving exams to be determined. The Wisconsin […]

4-H Camp is back 2022 & Adult Volunteers Needed!!

4-H Camp families, we have a wonderful opportunity and need your help! The reality is, until April 15th, the state hadn’t given approval to allow us to hold our Rock County 4-H Camp (with overnights) in 2022. With this opportunity, our challenge is that without enough 4-H Adult Volunteers, we will not be able to […]

Rock County 4-H Softball

The Rock County 4-H Softball season is coming up and we want you to be part of it! Your 4-H Club Leader will receive more information soon about signing up your 4-H Club. What can you do as a 4-H Member? Let your 4-H Club Leader know you’re interested! Then sign up and attend practices […]

Diversity Action Team Program-Inside the Diversity of Asian America

You can watch the recording on Hedberg Public Library’s YouTube Channel to learn more.  Learning also means leading.  The following are some Action Steps youth can take using a variety of resources. Self-Educate:  Set your own learning goals and find resources you love to learn with.  For example a website, a book,  a […]

Create your Educational Action Plan JUNTOS!

What is an Educational Action Plan? It is a plan to guide our steps and actions to follow so that we reach our educational goals. You can identify the small goals in order to reach the large goals. Ask yourself: What is the educational goal you want to achieve? What are the actions needed to […]

Model Rocket Kits and Balsa Spot Landing Airplanes for Sale

If you are interested in building a model rocket, Viking Rocket kits (along with three engines) are available for $10/each at Rock County Extension, 3506 N. US Hwy. 51, Building A, Janesville.  Balsa spot landing airplanes are also available for $1/each.  Questions? Please call the Rock County Extension Office at 608-757-5066.

2022 Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction Scholarships

The Blue Ribbon Sale of Champions Foundation will offer $30,000 in scholarship awards in 2022:  One $3,000 scholarship Four $2,000 scholarships Six $1,500 scholarships Ten $1000 scholarships  These scholarships recognize the achievements of Wisconsin State Fair Junior Livestock exhibitors and assist them with their educational expenses.  All applicants must complete and submit a Blue Ribbon […]

Youth-Adult Partnership Spotlight-Spring 2022

Seed Catalogs are Sent in January It’s March.  It’s officially spring.  And, it’s time to plant seeds. . . almost. When I returned from Guatemala, I told my dad I wanted to learn to garden.  His specific knowledge of best practices was often simplified to a garden built on hills and trenches that you visited […]

Did You Miss the March 1 Deadline to Enroll in 4-H or 4-H Projects to be Eligible to Exhibit at the Rock County 4-H Fair?

If so, the Rock County 4-H Fair is providing an opportunity for youth who missed the March 1 deadline to enroll in 4-H/4-H projects. Although there is a fee, depending on the circumstances, it might be worth exploring. Please reference Section 7 on page 5 of the Rock County 4-H Premium Book for information. […]

Sheep Project Information Session at 12th Annual Arlington Sheep Day!

4-H Sheep Project members, leaders and parents are invited to attend the 9:00 a.m. “Getting off on the Right Foot” Session on Sat., April 2 at the UW-Madison’s Arlington Research Station, Arlington WI. Dan Smerchek and family will present ideas and strategies to make the most out of a summer show project from selecting the right […]

VIP (Volunteers in Preparation) Training Dates for March and April

Adults enrolled in 4HOnline to become 4-H volunteers need to complete VIP Training. Are you an adult who enrolled in 4HOnline to become a 4-H Volunteer and needs to complete VIP Training? If so, there are (virtual) trainings scheduled!  Tues., March 29, 6:30-8:30 p.m. For more information and to register, please see the Eventbrite Form.  […]

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