Upham Woods Anniversary Contest Part 2: Map of Upham

Upham Woods 75th Anniversary is quickly approaching, and we are hosting another contest!  Participants are asked to draw a map of Upham Woods, based on their experience here.  Mike, our Americorps VISTA, has an example below.  As you can see, he highlighted areas he really enjoys.  While his map shows all of Upham Woods, your map can depict your memory of Upham Woods, or just the places that are special to you.  Your map does not have to look like the one shown, it should look just how you imagine camp looks like, highlighting your favorite places.  3 winners will be selected and $50 will be awarded to each winner’s county or school for their trip to Upham Woods.  All contestants will have their map shown at the 75th anniversary this September!  The contest will run until May 31st and the winners will be selected the following week.  Please send all maps to Michael.raymonds@ces.uwex.edu  Good luck to you all and we are excited to see your maps!