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Groups We Serve

Upham Woods is a year-round, residential outdoor learning center serving organized groups including schools, 4-H camps, scout groups, youth and adult conferences and retreats, and adult education workshops.  Throughout the year we are open to the public with a diverse and fun series of public program days.  We also partner with local community organizations to provide after school and community-based programs.  Our experienced staff provide outreach through local library programs, on-site classroom programming, and participation in other local community organization events.

Group Organizational Aids

Groups that have visited Upham Woods for years utilize many organizational aids that streamline their program. Adult leaders as well as youth need organization and structure for a successful visit. This section is a compilation of ideas from groups, which can organize you and help you from trying to do “too much.”

Just remember the most important preparation is sharing expectations for the visit. Every one of these organizational aids is useful because they clearly explain what is expected of the youth in activities, dining hall, cabins, etc. Adult roles are also clearly outlined so that everyone knows what they will be doing when they arrive at Upham Woods. As the group leader, your main responsibility is to distribute this information far enough in advance of your arrival.

Organizing a Program Booklet for Youth

If you are interested in creating a program booklet, may we suggest some popular ideas? Some things you might want to include are:

  • A statement of goals and objectives
  • The daily schedule
  • A map of Upham Woods
  • A list of teachers/chaperones involved
  • A description of teachers’/chaperones’ role while at camp (i.e. who is first aid person, cafeteria person, arts and crafts person, etc.)
  • Group names with a list of youth in each group
  • Teachers/chaperones assigned to which groups
  • A page for youth expectations/objectives
  • Clean-up and table setter assignments
  • A map of Black Hawk Island
  • Behavior expectations
  • Campfire songs
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Cabin assignments
  • Journal pages
  • Blank pages for notes on lessons for follow up back in classroom

You can use these suggestions or ask the Program Coordinator for more.

Youth’s Objectives

Give youth a chance to set their own objectives or decide as a group. By letting them have ownership of the experience their visit to Upham Woods will be greatly enhanced. Students can write down these thoughts in the booklet. Perhaps these thoughts could be used as a time capsule for the end of the school year to see how students have changed. Perhaps they could be used as a “words-of-wisdom” for the group that comes to camp the next year.

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