Community Programs

Enjoy the beauty of Upham Woods in all seasons through these public programs!

Upcoming Programs

Spring 2024 Chainsaw Safety Training!
Summer Camp Registration: Coming Soon!
March 2024: Spring Break Day Camp
April 2024: Outdoor Archery Clubs

Paddle Pass Program

After completing an educational orientation program, annual Paddle Pass holders will be able to launch their own canoes and kayaks on the Wisconsin River using the parking lot and established shoreline access points at Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center.  A Paddle Pass is also your connection to community paddling events and land stewardship volunteer opportunities in the Upper Dells.

REGISTRATION: Paddle Pass Sign-Up

FEE: $5, payable by card after registration or payable by check at orientation

UPCOMING ORIENTATIONS: We do not have any more scheduled group orientations; if you are still interested in Paddle Pass, please sign up and we will schedule an individual orientation.

Passholders are required to check in and out through the main office like all other visitors during business hours.  For access outside of business hours, paddlers should contact Upham Woods at least 24 hours in advance of their visit.  Weekends, mornings, and evenings can likely be accommodated with appropriate advance notice.  We will work with paddlers to meet their needs. The following special days have already been arranged to help you access the river.

UPCOMING OPEN PADDLES (for people who have already attended an orientation session)

* Note: This program does not provide access to Blackhawk Island or hiking.  The pass cannot be used commercially in any way whatsoever.*

This image shows three children standing under a structure supported by wooden beams. All of the children are holding archery bows. The closet child has the string pulled back and is aiming the arrow.

Partnership Programs with City of Dells/Delton Parks & Recreation Department!

These programs are open for people of all abilities in our community! Registration is available online through the Dells/Delton Park and Rec Event Registration website.