Rates and Regulations

On-Site Regulations
Outpost Regulations   

 Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center Rates

Program Rates (effective 2/7/20)

Program rates at Upham Woods include use of all facilities and equipment, overnight lodging (if applicable), access to the Wisconsin River and exclusive use of Blackhawk Island (subject to safety standards), educational programming (including evening programs), low ropes course programming, liaison support for your group, professional teaching staff, and access to our food service.

Arrival and departure:

  • Arrival and departure times are variable and must be coordinated by the group leader and Upham Woods Administrative and Financial Assistant Director (reservation request). Adjustments during program coordination will be reviewed for approval by the Program Planning Coordinator and Administrative and Financial Assistant Director as they are subject to staff capacity, and additional fees may apply.
  • Overnight programs: On departure day, groups must set a departure time three hours earlier than the scheduled arrival time to allow for campus cleaning and staff preparation for another group’s arrival.  Example: Varney School arrives at Upham Woods at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and stays until Friday.  The expected departure time will be 10:00 AM on Friday.
    • If departure times provided are outside of this window, a half-day or day-use fee per person will be assessed.
      • exception: If arrival or departure is within 1 hour of a scheduled meal, using Upham food service, groups may be on-site without additional program fees for the length of the meal. Departure must happen directly after the meal.  No program will be offered during this time, and all other facility areas will be closed for cleaning.

Educational Staff Provided: Your group size dictates how many teaching staff are available for your group.

  • 10-25: one staff
  • 26 – 59: two staff
  • 60 +: three staff
  • Additional staff: $200/staff/day (subject to availability)

Upham Woods reserves the right to adjust the availability of its programs or methods of program delivery to ensure our facility meets or exceeds safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as described by the CDC, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Wisconsin Department of Health, or our licensing authority.


PEAK Season Rates (March 1 – November 30)

Rates below are per person, per night (if applicable).  Minimum Billing: 10 persons

 Overnight Lodging Choices
Cabin Dorm* (quad capacity)  Day-Use (5-10 hrs) Half-Day-Use (1-4 hrs)
$25.50/person $102/room $21.50/person $14.50/person

* Dorm rates: Charged at quad capacity, up to 2 additional occupants can be added for a rate of $21.50 per person.

Rates do not include linens; if you would like sheets, blankets, and shower towels for your group, it is an additional $8/person/visit.

Outpost/Adventure Camp Groups:

   Group Type
   Outpost:     $28/person/night

Outpost/Adventure Camp groups can camp off-site (at a state/county park or as part of a downriver canoe trip), or on-site (on Blackhawk Island or behind the Nature Center).  Equipment and canoe transport is provided for outpost groups. Participant transport is not provided. The maximum group size is 20 participants for Wisconsin River trips and 30 participants for State Park trips. Packed meal ingredients are available at the same rate as in camp dining. The group is responsible for preparing meals. One Outpost Seasonal Outdoor Educator is provided for each group.

 OFF Season Rates (December 1 – February 28)

Rates below are per person, per night (if applicable). Minimum Billing: 10 persons

Overnight Lodging Choices     
Cabin Dorm (quad capacity) * Day Use (5-10 hrs) Day Use (1-4 hrs) 
$23.50 $94 $19.50 $13.50

* Dorm rates: Charged at quad capacity, up to 2 additional occupants can be added for $21.50 per person. Rates do not include linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels) should be requested for dorm use when completing your program coordination form, a fee of $8 per person per stay will be assessed for linens.

Conference Room Rates

Please view more information on our conference space here.

Upper Dells Education and Research Center: Large Meeting Room (capacity: 60)

Time UW-System Public Agencies/ Non-Profits Private Groups (Corporate)
Half Day (2-4 hours) $250 $300 $400
1 Day (4-10 hours) $450 $550 $750
2 day $700 $850 $1050

Upper Dells Education and Research Center: Small Meeting Room (capacity: 30)

Time UW-System Public Agencies/ Non-Profits Private Groups (Corporate)
Half Day (2-4 hours) $150 $200 $250
1 Day (4-10 hours) $225 $300 $450
2 day $450 $550 $750

Exclusive Use

Upham Woods reserves the right to schedule multiple groups for facility and program use based on staffing and accommodation availability.

We are happy to accommodate exclusive use of our facility through an exclusive use rate of $2000/day if no other group has booked during your visit. This fee is in addition to the per-person rate for lodging, food, or conference space on a group’s Facility Use Agreement/Confirmation Contract.

Deposit Policy

A deposit of 20% of anticipated lodging and food service costs applies to all reservation types.

Food Service

Required for programming groups of 15 or more people.  Smaller groups may also elect to purchase food service but will be billed the 15-person minimum for all meals unless another group utilizes food service in the dining hall.  Catering base pricing is available for viewing on our Conferences & Retreats Page.

Please note that our meal rates will increase for visits after January 1, 2025, to help offset the rising costs of ingredients and staffing.

Meal Rates for Programming Groups
effective 4/27/2021-12/31/2024
Breakfast $7.50/ person Lunch $8.50 / person Dinner $10.50 / person
effective 1/1/2025
Breakfast $8.00/ person Lunch $9.00 / person Dinner $11.00 / person

Outreach Rates:

Upham Woods is available for outreach programs to your school, office, group meeting, etc.  Programming includes 1 Upham Teaching Staff for up to 25 participants, and fees include mileage to and from the location.  All outreach programs are subject to one hour of paid preparation time.  Hourly Rate:  $75/hour.  Mileage: $.655/mile

Virtual Program Rates:

Upham Woods has a suite of virtual and remote programs, and our staff is trained to support classroom educators.  Fees include digital scientific story generation, programming, and educator consultation to help ensure alignment with your classroom goals and access to Upham’s library of virtual asynchronous and synchronous resources and programming. All virtual sessions are subject to one hour of paid preparation time. Hourly Rate: $85/hour.



Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center Rules & Regulations

Updated May 2024

These policies are designed to ensure the health and safety of Upham users and staff and the safe and efficient operation of Upham Woods. Many rules are mandated by state law. Citations of ATCP 78 refer to the State of Wisconsin Code of Administrative Rules regarding Recreational and Educational Camps. Failure to comply may result in an assessment of additional fees, loss of privileges, and denial of future use of Upham Woods.

Youth Protection

  • Do not allow one-on-one contact between an adult and a minor participant. Always be sure that one adult is with two or more minors, or two or more adults are with one minor.
  • Have a backup plan to maintain ratios as quickly as possible if an adult has to leave the group.
  • Do not allow unsupervised free time. All participants must be supervised at all times. Always maintain supervision ratios.

Group Leader Responsibilities

  • The Group Leader is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all group members follow all Upham policies. The group leader should handle all discipline problems within the group.
  • The group leader is responsible for completing and returning all necessary forms by the deadline dates.  The Food Service Agreement and Program Coordination Form, along with a detailed schedule of program activities, are due at least 30 calendar days before the first day of the group’s visit.  In addition, groups conducting outpost camps must submit completed Outpost forms at least 30 calendar days before the first day of the group’s visit.
  • Upon arrival, the group leader must provide Upham Woods with a roster of all youth and adult participants.

Participant Information

  • Upham Woods does not release the names or personal information of program participants.
  • Program participant records are stored securely until they are destroyed in accordance with UW-Madison records retention policies.

Adult to Youth Ratio

  • State law requires that all groups must provide a 1:10 ratio of adults to youth at all times, including in cabins at night (ATCP 78.18(1)).

Room/Bunk Assignments

Wisconsin 4-H is committed to operating all activities, including overnight youth activities, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies involving health, safety, and non-discrimination. The following laws and policies are relevant to non-discrimination in all youth activities:

Based on these laws and policies, Upham Woods reserving groups should assign participants to rooms based on their gender indicated on their registration form, with gender-inclusive areas an option for some programs. Families are encouraged to communicate their youth’s specific needs to their group organizer regarding room assignments before the program starts. They are also encouraged to discuss their youth’s privacy concerns or other needs before the program starts. Group organizers should contact Upham Woods program coordinators to determine how best to meet their needs.

Questions about compliance with federal laws regarding discrimination, including Title IX, should be sent to UW-Madison’s Office of Compliance at uwcomplianceoffice@wisc.edu.

Restricted Items

  • No firearms or archery equipment are permitted in a camp except for use in an organized and supervised camp activity. All firearms, ammunition and archery equipment not being used shall be securely stored under lock (ATCP 78.18(3)(c)).
  • Explosives, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are not allowed on Upham Woods property. Anyone possessing any of these items will be immediately escorted off the premises.
  • No pets are allowed on Upham Woods property. Animals trained to assist participants with disabilities are exempt from this restriction.

Health Responsibilities

  • Health Services/First-Aid:
    • Primary First-Aid Coordinator: The primary First Aid Coordinator shall meet at least one of the qualifications listed below. State law requires that each visiting group bring a “First Aid Coordinator” meeting these requirements.
      • A physician licensed in Wisconsin pursuant to s. 033, Stats.
      • A registered nurse licensed in Wisconsin pursuant to s. 115 (3), Stats.
      • A physician assistant licensed in Wisconsin.
      • A practical nurse licensed in Wisconsin.
      • A National Athletic Trainers Association certified trainer.
      • An emergency medical services practitioner as defined in s. 01 (5), Stats.
      • A person currently certified as completing the American Red Cross responding to emergencies course.
      • A person currently certified as completing a wilderness first aid course as approved by DATCP.
    • Requirements for Additional First Aid Coordinators: All First Aid Coordinators (the primary First Aid Coordinator and any additional third-party Staff serving in this role) shall hold current certification from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association for basic CPR and AED or equivalent.
    • Administering Medications: First Aid Coordinators who are not licensed as physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, or practical nurses in Wisconsin must take the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction online course Medication Administration Principles each year. The third party operates a residential third-party youth activity at Upham Woods and maintains documentation of the assessment test and passing grade.
  • Each participant must bring a signed health form (by parent or guardian in the youth’s case), including a complete medical history, guardian’s consent for emergency medical treatment, and an indication of any special needs. The group’s First Aid Coordinator will keep these forms, and the group will retain the health forms and health log after the visit.(ATCP 78.19(2) & ATCP 78.19(7)(a)&(c)).
  • If participants are under the age of 18,  the First Aid Coordinator must keep all medications in a locked box in the Infirmary. The only medications allowed on the trail for youth under 18 years of age are prescription inhalers, epi-pens (bee sting kits), insulin syringes, or other medications or devices used in the event of life-threatening situations. Each camper or staff member 18 years or older may take responsibility for the security of his or her personal medication. If a visitor requires any other medications on his or her person, he or she must obtain permission from Upham Woods staff (ATCP 78.19(6)(b)&(c)).
  • All medications brought to Upham Woods by a camper or staff member shall be in containers clearly labeled to include the name of the camper or staff member, the name of the medication, the dosage, the frequency of administration, and the route of administration (ATCP 78.19(6)(a)).
  • First Aid Coordinators are responsible for providing care only within the scope of practice of their certifications.
  • Upham Woods staff may not administer any medications; however, staff carry First Aid kits and can provide basic first aid supplies.
  • The infirmary at Upham Woods does not provide over-the-counter or prescription medications. However, first aid coordinators can use an automated external defibrillator (AED), a bag valve mask (BVM), basic first aid supplies, and personal care items.
  • Upham Woods staff not serving as First Aid Coordinator may not administer medications. Staff carry First Aid kits and can provide basic first aid supplies.

Head Lice

  • Summer camps operated by other user groups are expected to abide by the “No-Nit” policy. This protects all users during the busy, high-turnover season.
  • The First Aid Coordinator for any group must notify Upham Woods staff if a participant with head lice is identified during their stay.
  • Upham Woods recognizes that some school districts and other groups have existing head lice policies.
    • These groups are expected to abide by their current policy during their visit to Upham Woods.

Risk Management & Liability

  • All participants (youth and adults) must bring a signed copy (by parent or guardian in youth’s case) of the UW-System Agreement for Indemnification, Release, and Consent for Emergency Treatment.
  • Each group is responsible for its own health, accident, and liability insurance.

Smoking Policy

  • Upham Woods is the property of the University of Wisconsin-Extension and must comply with the University’s smoking policy. Smoking may only occur in the designated smoking area (check with Upham staff). Smoking in any other location on the property is prohibited.
  • Persons under age 18 may not smoke or possess any tobacco-related products.


  • Fires are permitted only in designated fire circles and fireplaces and must be supervised by an adult at all times.
    • Provide adequate supervision for young people when using stoves or fires.
  • Know the fire danger level and comply with all administrative restrictions in place.
  • Backcountry fires at Upham Woods (North Shore, Blackhawk Island) must follow the guidelines established by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.
    • Build fires in an established fire ring or pan.
    • Allow firewood to burn completely to ash.
    • Extinguish fires completely using water.
    • Use only dead and down wood, no larger in diameter than an adult wrist.
    • Scatter ashes and unused firewood over a wide area.
    • Never burn plastic or foil-lined wrappers.
  • There are only two approved fire rings in the core campus of Upham Woods. They are the main campfire bowl and the nature center campfire ring, these spaces will be assigned by the Program Planning and Outreach Coordinator.
    • Use the firewood that has been gathered and cut for each location.
    • Do not stack fuel higher than three feet in either fire ring.
    • If time permits, allow firewood to burn completely to ash.
    • Extinguish fires completely using water.
    • Clean out the fire rings after each use.
    • Dispose of cold ashes and partially burned wood in the dumpster.
    • Do not spread ashes or partially burned wood on the ground.


  • In the interest of creating a safe environment and minimizing impacts on local plants and wildlife populations, guests are prohibited from bringing pets to Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center.
  • Service animals are permitted given the keeper/owner follows UW-Madison Service Animal Policy, including, but not limited to, service animals must wear the appropriate service vest at all times while on the property and remain under the control of the owner/keeper. Please notify the Program Planning and Outreach Coordinator or the On-site and Accessibility Coordinator before your arrival if you anticipate an individual in your group will be bringing a service animal.

Accessible Bathroom in Dorm

  • When not in use, the accessible bathroom on the first floor of the dormitory should remain unlocked and open at all times.

Dining Hall Procedures

  • All visiting youth groups must provide a designated “Dining Hall Supervisor” responsible for ensuring the group’s adherence to dining hall procedures.
  • The Dining Hall Supervisor is responsible for reading the “Dining Hall Supervisor List of Responsibilities” and complying with all dining hall procedures.
  • Meal times are at the following set times:
    • Breakfast: 8:00 AM
    • Lunch: 12:30 PM
    • Dinner: 5:30 PM
  • Requests for changes in meal times must be made before the arrival of the group and are subject to approval from the Program Planning and Outreach Coordinator and will be communicated in writing.

Lodging Regulations

  • All bunks must remain three feet apart with occupants sleeping head to toe (ATCP 78.21(3)).
  • Only adults may operate wood stoves and electric heat in cabins.
  • Clear pathways to emergency exits must be maintained at all times (ATCP 78.21(1)).
  • Exit lights and smoke detectors must remain plugged in and turned on at all times.
  • Proper checkout procedures must be followed before the group’s departure. To help maintain low fees, youth groups are asked to complete the following clean-up tasks:
    • floors must be swept
    • cabin trash must be emptied into the Pelican
    • dorm trash must be emptied into the dumpster
    • ashes from the wood stove must be placed in the ash barrel
    • recyclable items must be placed in the proper containers
    • all mattresses must be washed with soapy water (ATCP 78.21 (6)).
  • Before departure, one member from the visiting group must do a checkout walk-through with the group’s liaison. During checkout, any damage, breakage, or loss of equipment and/or facilities will be determined and appropriate fees charged to the group’s bill.
  • The paved emergency service road to Cabin Hill may only be used as a footpath by groups for moving in or out of cabins and by individuals with an accommodation. Visitors must use the lighted steps to Cabin Hill in all other instances.

Onsite Accommodations for Staff and Other Program Facilitators

As it is required for programmatic purposes, Upham Woods’ Administration reserves the right to provide on-site accommodations for staff or other program facilitators.  Approval and length of stay are based on the availability of accommodations and the impact on programming onsite.

Programming Regulations

  • Before any programming, all group members are required to attend the Upham Woods Orientation to familiarize the group with Upham Woods policies and emergency procedures.
  • Upham Woods staff are available for programming between 9-12:15 pm, 1:30-5:15 pm, and for no more than 1.5 hours per naturalist between 6:30-9:30 pm.
  • Group size dictates how many teaching staff are available for your group:
    • 10-25: 1 staff
    • 26 – 59: up to two staff
    • 60+: three staff
  • Additional staff may be used at a rate of $200/staff/day (if available)
  • A group may schedule an early morning program (before 8:30 am) that requires Seasonal Outdoor Educator(s) if they do not use those same educators(s) for programming after dinner on the day of the requested early morning program. Early morning programs led by Seasonal Outdoor Educator(s) may be scheduled no earlier than 6:30 AM and cannot be scheduled on the day of arrival or departure.

High-Risk Activities

  • Trained staff must supervise high-risk activities. High-risk activities include canoeing, kayaking, firearms, archery, and challenge courses (ATCP 78.18(3)(b)).
  • Upham Woods administrative staff and naturalists hold certifications and/or receive training that meets or exceeds industry standards for high-risk activities.
    • Examples of past and current staff training/certifications:
      • American Canoe Association – River Canoeing Instructor
      • Experiential Systems – Site-specific Training in Challenge Course Facilitation
      • American Red Cross – Life Guard/Life Guard Instructor
      • Wisconsin 4H Shooting Sports – Archery Instructor
      • Wilderness Medical Associates – Wilderness First Responder

Waterfront Activities

  • State regulations require that all swimming and watercraft activities including boating and canoeing must have a certified lifeguard on duty (ATCP 78.18(5)(c)), and a check-in/check-out procedure must be followed in all waterfront activities (ATCP 78.18(5)(g)).
  • All participants must wear a PFD while in any watercraft or while fishing off designated docks.
  • Specific staff/participant ratios must be followed for waterfront activities. These ratios are noted in the program guide.

Water Flow Rates

  • Barge travel to Blackhawk Island and use of the voyageur canoe may be canceled if the river flow rate exceeds 14,000 cubic feet per second.
  • Canoeing and kayaking may be canceled if the river flow rate exceeds 12,000 cubic feet per second.
  • Swimming may be canceled if the river flow rate exceeds 12,000 cubic feet per second or the water temperature is below 60º F.


  • Swimming is available June 1 – August 31.
  • No swimming will take place without an Upham staff lifeguard present.
    • There must be one lifeguard present for every 25 swimmers, with a maximum of 50 swimmers in the water at any given time (with 2 lifeguards present).
  • Each group must schedule and complete a swim test prior to scheduled swim time, free swims, or water carnivals.
  • All adult participants (including visiting lifeguards) must take a swim test to be allowed in the swim area and must have a Buddy tag.
    • Adults who do not plan to swim, but who do plan to enter the swim area, must pass the “green” swim test.
  • More than 50 people are allowed in the swim area for specific scheduled activities, such as water carnivals, provided everyone in the swim area has a buddy tag and the design of the activity keeps many of the participants on the beach waiting in line (i.e. relay races) so that there are never more than 50 participants in the water at any given time.

Blackhawk Island Access

  • All groups wishing to access Blackhawk must be accompanied by an Upham Woods staff member, unless approved by the Director.
  • Upham Woods staff will lead all river crossings to the island.


Please Contact Us, if you have any questions about our rules and regulations.   

 Outpost Rules and Regulations

The outpost staff maintains the authority to bring a group back to base camp if any of the following rules are not met. If a group consistently disregards the regulations or the outpost staff, they will not be asked to return in following years.

Printable Version

Outpost Regulations (PDF Document – 3 pages, 287 KB)

Please Contact the Upham Woods Program Director, if you have any questions about Outpost Programs.

Outpost Regulations

Please READ ALL of the following regulations. These regulations have been created to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your group. For these reasons we need you to familiarize yourselves with and abide by the Outpost regulations.

Participants and Adult Leaders

Outpost ratios are one adult to every ten youth. One adult must be CPR and First Aid or higher certified or have current certification as an EMT, paramedic, national athletic trainers association trainer, Red Cross emergency responder, or be a Wisconsin licensed physician, nurse, or physician assistant.

Your group must provide an adult to serve as Group Leader. The Group Leader is responsible for the management, discipline and overall Outpost experience for the participants.

A maximum of 20 youth may attend any canoe trip Outpost program. The other Outposts have a maximum of 30 youth.

Every youth and adult on Outpost must have a completed and signed health form and UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk form. For youth, a parent or guardian must sign these documents. Without these documents, state law forbids a person from attending the trip.

All medications, prescription and over the counter, must be turned in to your Outpost First Aid person before the trip. The Outpost First Aid person will dispense the medication and record this in the Outpost health log. Youth are allowed to keep inhalers, bee sting kits and other medicines as indicated on the health form by their parents or guardians.

We expect Outpost groups to follow a minimal environmental impact philosophy while participating in Outpost. For example, there should be no cutting of live trees and campsites should always be left cleaner than when you arrive.

Participants are responsible for setting up and taking down their own campsite. This includes all tents and gear. Upon return to Upham Woods, the Outpost group must clean up and put away all equipment.

Participants must clean up the campsite every night to discourage the arrival of nuisance wildlife.

Possession or use of alcohol or controlled substance drugs on Outpost is strictly prohibited. This applies to adult leaders and youth participants. Possession and use of tobacco products by adult leaders is greatly discouraged.

Participants must always be in sight and/or sound of one of the Outpost adults.

Youth should be discouraged from bringing food, music/video/game players and cell phones on Outpost or to camp.

Participants and adults should treat each other and the Upham Woods staff with respect and obey the Outpost guidelines and regulations.

Outpost Naturalist

One Upham Woods staff member will be assigned to your Outpost group. That staff member will accompany the group on the trip.

Your group may schedule up to 2 activities to be led by the Upham staff per day in addition to swimming.  Please indicate on the Outpost scheduling sheet and information sheet which activities you want to be led by the naturalist and when.

Programming and Scheduling

We encourage your group to choose one of the package options listed on the Outpost information sheet. We have created these packages based upon logistics, equipment, staff training, etc. If you choose to customize any portion of the trip logistics, please communicate your plan to the Upham Woods Program Director so that we can check the feasibility of your plan. Keep in mind that some changes will not work due to constraints on equipment, transportation, routes, etc.

Communication is one of the most important ways to ensure a safe and successful Outpost experience for your group. The 4-H Agent, Outpost Group Leader, the Upham Woods naturalist and the Upham Woods Program Director should communicate throughout the planning process to afford the best possible trip for the participants.

If you are signing up for a Wisconsin River Canoeing Outpost, we recommend that one of your Outpost adult leaders have previously paddled the route.

Canoeing and Swimming

An Upham Woods staff person will administer a swim/canoe training and test for the participants and adults of all applicable Outposts, regardless if they have been to camp before.  For canoe Outposts, tests will be administered at main camp prior to departure.

Any canoes which are used during your Outpost will not be available to your main camp group at Upham Woods. Be sure Outpost and main camp canoe usage is scheduled correctly.

Swimming can only occur when an Upham Woods lifeguard is on duty. Lifeguard certified participants can help guard, but they can not lifeguard by themselves. All participants must pass a swim test.

For Devil’s Lake and Mirror Lake Outposts, a swim test with buddy tags will be conducted at the park before the first free swim time.

Because Devil’s Lake and Mirror Lake have water conditions that make it less difficult to life guard, the 1:50 ratio applies. (Outpost group size limit is a maximum of 30 youth participants). The ratio of lifeguard to swimmers is subject to change based on the judgment of the supervising lifeguard in consideration of local weather/water conditions and group management needs, etc.

The Upham Woods staff decides availability of swimming due to weather or water conditions.

Swimming/canoe boundaries will be set and enforced by the Upham Woods staff. All participants must abide by these boundaries; your adult leaders are expected to help in their enforcement.

It is dangerous for participants to intentionally tip their canoes during the river trip. The Upham Woods naturalist may administer a canoe tip training session under controlled conditions.

A maximum of three participants may ride in a canoe at one time.  To keep the canoe from tipping, the middle person does not paddle.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) must be worn at all times while canoeing.


All equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was checked out.

Groups will be charged for any damaged, missing, or destroyed equipment. This is above and beyond the equipment usage charge. We ask for cooperation on this matter so that we can continue to run Outposts that are appropriately and safely equipped.

Tents must be dry before they are returned at the end of the trip. If this is not possible, the participants must set up the tents upon return to Upham Woods so they can dry.


In addition to a First Aid person, groups must also designate a Meals Supervisor PRIOR to arrival at Upham Woods.

The Meals Supervisor must be an adult (at least 18 years old), but younger participants may help the Meals Supervisor with his/her duties.

The Meals Supervisor is responsible for assigning and supervising cooking groups and clean up groups for each meal on Outpost.  For safety and efficiency, the cooking and clean up group schedules should be completed PRIOR to the start of your Outpost.

It is the responsibility of the Meals Supervisor to ensure that meal times adhere to the group’s schedule.  If a meal runs late, Upham Woods Outpost staff reserves the right to modify the programming schedule in response.

Besides water, FOOD AND DRINK ARE NEVER allowed inside the tents.

Camping Facilities

Remember that your total in-camp numbers should not exceed 150; this includes in-camp Outpost participants.

Vehicle access to the North Shore campsite is not guaranteed since we have to get permission from private property owners. Participants using this site should be ready to carry in all gear.

Campfires are normally allowed at our camping locations, but Upham Woods staff and the Wisconsin DNR have the authority to restrict campfires based on environmental conditions.


Upham Woods does not have a vehicle for transporting participants. Participant vehicular transport must be arranged by your group.

Upham Woods can provide some equipment transport, including canoes, using the camp pickup truck. If needed, we will provide one equipment drop off and one equipment pick up at a maximum one-way distance from Upham Woods of 20 miles (the approximate distance to Devils Lake State Park). Any additional equipment transportation trips or trip distances greater than 20 miles away will incur a nominal transportation fee to cover vehicle gas, oil, wear and tear, etc. The fee will be assigned based upon the mileage and the state mileage rate.


The Upham Woods staff will have access to a cellular phone and a weather radio. When possible, we recommend an adult bring a cellular phone for additional assistance.

Each Outpost group must provide a vehicle for emergency use.

Outpost is an independent experience from base camp; thus, Outpost emergencies such as a medical situation or a weather emergency need to be addressed and handled independently by the Outpost adults in association with the Upham Woods staff.

Upham Woods does not have the capacity to retrieve Outpost groups back to base camp as a result of inclement weather.

In the event of a life-threatening situation, professional rescuers should be contacted immediately.