Upham Woods Group Application Form

Online Reservation Request

Booking your Programming or Conference Group: Review our Planning Calendar to find available dates before submitting your reservation request.  When assigning reservations, Upham Woods takes a first-come, first-serve approach based on when reservation requests are fully submitted. There is some delay between receiving requests and sending agreements, so availability may vary slightly. A reservation request must be submitted to secure dates.

*You can provide up to 4 sets of dates for your visit; the dates provided should be actual dates that you can visit Upham Woods if we need to move to your 2nd choice or beyond. 

Booking Timelines: You may submit requests up to 12 months before your intended visit and no less than 60 days in advance for Programming Groups (Youth Day or Overnight)  or  45 days for Conference Groups (note: pending reservation requests may not be reflected on the Planning Calendar for up to 10 days).

What to Expect: Once your requested dates have been approved, you will receive a Facilities Use Agreement/Confirmation Contract that must be signed and returned within 30 days. You will also receive instructions for your deposit; a separate invoice will be sent to the billing contact or primary group contact (if no billing contact is listed) on your reservation request.

Need Assistance: If you are unsure about the availability of dates or have questions about the process, email or call (608) 254-5744.

Required Group Forms

Food Service Agreement
Due 30 days before your visit.

Program Coordination Form
Due 30 days before your visit.

Upham Woods User Evaluation Form
Please complete the User Evaluation Form as soon as possible after your visit.

Required Participant Forms

For your convenience, all required forms can be downloaded below in English or Spanish.  All adult and youth participants in programming at Upham Woods are required to complete these forms. Please bring completed forms with you on the day of your visit.

Health Form

  • The group provides custodial care to youth participants throughout their stay at Upham Woods.
  • The group must collect health information and be able to provide it upon request by Upham staff or medical professionals in the event of a health emergency. 
  • The group is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of any health information in any format (their health form or Upham’s) that has individually identifiable information associated with it while on site. 

You are encouraged to use your existing school or organizational health forms, if you do not have an existing health form you may use this Generic Youth Event Health Form.

UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk Form

Groups must bring a signed UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk for each person visiting Upham Woods. If a parent or participant refuses to sign this form, they cannot participate in activities at Upham Woods. As an alternative to signing the form, a participant may choose to purchase additional insurance that provides the University of Wisconsin System with the same liability coverage provided by this waiver. If you have questions, please contact Upham Woods Administration at 608-254-6461.
UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk Form – (PDF Document, 1 page, 60 KB) 
Acuerdo de asunción de riesgo – Español –
(PDF Document, 2 pages, 20 KB)

Photo Release Form

Groups must bring a completed Photo Release Form for each person visiting Upham Woods.
Upham Photo Release – English – (PDF Document, 1 page, 226 KB)
Formulario de Autoración del uso de fotografías- Español –
(PDF Document, 1 page, 223 KB)

Other Requirements for Groups with Youth:

Youth groups must have an assigned “Dining Hall Supervisor”. The role and responsibility for this position can be viewed here: Dining Hall Supervisor Instructions – (PDF Document, 1 page, 28 KB)

First Aid Coordinator The requirements for a First Aid Coordinator are listed below. These have changed for 2024 in accordance with the updates to ATCP 78.

    • Primary First-Aid Coordinator: The primary First-Aid Coordinator shall meet at least one of the qualifications listed below. State law requires that each visiting group bring a “First-Aid Coordinator” who meets these requirements.
      • A physician licensed in Wisconsin pursuant to s. 033, Stats.
      • A registered nurse licensed in Wisconsin pursuant to s. 115 (3), Stats.
      • A physician assistant licensed in Wisconsin.
      • A practical nurse licensed in Wisconsin.
      • A National Athletic Trainers Association certified trainer.
      • An emergency medical services practitioner as defined in s. 01 (5), Stats.
      • A person currently certified as completing the American Red Cross responding to emergencies course.
      • A person currently certified as completing a wilderness first aid course as approved by DATCP.
    • Requirements for Additional First Aid Coordinators: All First Aid Coordinators (the primary First Aid Coordinator and any additional third-party Staff serving in this role) shall hold current certification from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association for basic CPR and AED or equivalent.
    • Administering Medications: First Aid Coordinators not licensed as physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, or practical nurses in Wisconsin must take the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction online course Medication Administration Principles each year. The third party operates a residential third-party youth activity at Upham Woods and maintains documentation of the assessment test and passing grade.

Reporting Participation and Billing Form
Participation and Billing Form – (PDF Document, 1 page, 66 KB)

Required Outpost Forms

Please use the Online Reservation Request form to request dates for your Outpost Adventure.

The following Outpost forms are due 30 days before your Outpost Adventure with Upham Woods.

Program Schedule Planning Sheet

Outpost Equipment Request Form

4-H Summer Outpost Menu Selection Form

Outpost Group Evaluation Form
Please complete and submit the Group Evaluation Form as soon as possible after your outpost adventure.

Optional Outpost Forms and Documents

Outpost Regulations – (PDF Document, 3 pages, 218 KB)

Outpost “To Bring” List – (PDF Document, 1 page, 166 KB)

Outpost Participant Expectations – (PDF Document, 1 page, 47 KB)


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