Group Checklist


When your group decides to use Upham Woods:

Things to keep in mind:

  • State law requires that each visiting group bring a “First Aid Coordinator” with 1) current certification in American Red Cross community or emergency first aid safety course or equivalent and 2) current certification in adult and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The First Aid Coordinator must be an adult.  See the following document for a comprehensive list of acceptable courses that meet the First Aid Coordinator Qualifications requirement.
  • Each participant must bring a signed (by parent or guardian in youth’s case) health form including a complete medical history, guardian’s consent for emergency medical treatment, and indication of any special needs. The Upham Woods Health Form must be filled out by every participant (adults and youth) UNLESS all members of the group are registered through the 4-H Online Enrollment system. If all members of a group are registered through the 4-H Online Enrollment system, the group leader is responsible for printing a copy of all health forms and bringing to Upham Woods. The First Aid Coordinator will keep these forms while the group is at Upham Woods. The health forms, or a copy of them, must be given to Upham Woods at time of group departure. Confidentiality will be respected.
  • All visiting groups using Upham Woods Food Service must provide a designated “Dining Hall Supervisor” responsible for ensuring the group’s adherence to dining hall procedures. The Dining Hall Supervisor must be an adult.  (Dining Hall Supervisor Instructions – PDF Document) 
  • All youth and adults must sign the UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk form, bring it to camp, and leave the original at Upham Woods. The only exception is if your group is not doing any water activities, low ropes course programs, archery, winter sports, outpost or hiking.

60 days or more in advance:

  • Check on insurance for your group visit. Upham Woods does not provide insurance for visiting groups.
  • Have all youth and adults complete a Health Record Form. These forms are kept by the group’s First Aid Coordinator for the duration of the Upham Woods program. The original or a copy must remain at Upham Woods when the group departs. We must have a completed, signed and properly filled out health form for everyone at camp, adults included! It’s the law!
  • Have all youth and adults complete a UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk form. We must have a completed, signed (by parent or guardian for youth under 18 years of age) Health Form and Assumption of Risk form for everyone at camp, adults included.
  • Adult and/or Youth Expectation Forms are available to reinforce youth and adult awareness of Upham Woods policies and rules. Expectation forms are optional. 
  • After reviewing Upham’s Residential Programs, develop a program schedule that lists specifics activities/classes and times. Sample Group Schedules are available to assist you. Upham Woods staff will also be happy to assist you or develop a schedule for your group’s visit.

30 or more days in advance:

  • Assign a First Aid Coordinator for your group (a registered nurse, EMT, or individual with up to date CPR and emergency 1st aid certifications). State law requires you to have a First Aid Coordinator while at camp. Upham Woods’ staff does not give out medications.
  • Assign an adult to serve as Dining Hall Supervisor (cafeteria monitor).
  • Your Food Service Agreement Form and Program Coordination Form must be received by Upham Woods at least 30 days prior to you planned visit or your group may be charged late form fees. 
  • Upon receiving a group’s Food Service Agreement and Program Coordination Form (with detailed schedule), Upham Woods staff will contact the group leader to review the schedule and confirm that all requests are understood. This usually occurs 2-3 weeks prior to the group’s arrival date.

10 days or more in advance:

  • Update your “Guaranteed Numbers” if your participant numbers have changed via phone, email, fax or letter.
  • Assign table setters and clean-up crews for each meal (Adult groups that eat buffet style do not need to do this).
  • Assign dorm/cabin lodging assignments. 
    • Dorms should be filled to maximum occupancy, four participants per dorm room. Total number of rooms made available and billing will be calculated based on quad occupancy. Billing adjustments will be made based on age, gender, and total number of participants staying in the dorm.  For example, six males and six females staying in the dorm would be charged for two full rooms at quad occupancy and two rooms at a per person rate. Extra dorm rooms can be made available at a rate of $104/room/night.  Contact Upham Woods with questions about this occupancy policy.
  • Verify that all youth and adults have a completed UW System Agreement for Assumption of Risk as well as a Health Record Form. Bring these forms to camp. **We must have a completed, signed and properly filled out health form and assumption of risk form for everyone at camp, adults included! These health forms or a copy of these forms must remain at camp. It’s the law!
  • Check the monthly menu for your group.

When your group arrives:

  • Youth and Adults will attend a 20-30 minute Upham Woods Orientation by the Upham Woods’ staff. Simultaneous but separate orientations will be held for adults and youth.
  • Provide an updated count of youth and adults to camp staff and food service staff, if your participant numbers have changed since the “Guaranteed Numbers” update. 
  • Each group will be provided with an Upham Woods Health Record Log Book.  All medical care given and all medicines distributed to group participants must be recorded in this book.  Every group must complete the official Upham med log and are not permitted to use alternate versions.

When your group departs:

  • Have groups assigned to clean all areas of camp used. Upham Woods’ staff provides a clean-up checklist for your group.
  • Upham staff will make available a solution of anti-bacterial soap & water for your group to wipe cabin bed mattresses.
  • Inspect cabins, dorm, and program areas for cleanliness, lost items and possible damage.
  • Check-out buildings with Upham staff liaison to assess if there are any damages to camp or lost equipment.
  • Complete an online Evaluation of Upham Woods. 
  • Complete and turn in Health Forms, Health Log, copy of First Aid Coordinator’s CPR & first aid card or certification, Assumption of Risk, Billing and Participation Report, before you leave camp.