Naturalist Spotlight: Jordan Sliger

Hey y’all! I am Jordan Sliger, one of the Teaching Naturalists here at Upham Woods.  This spring will be my first season here at Upham, but my third season working in the Environmental Education field.  I graduated from the University of Georgia in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources with a concentration in Fisheries and Wildlife.

I was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia.  My love for the outdoors stems from my family’s passion for being outside.  My family loved to go on camping trips, garden, hike, swim, and just explore the State Parks of Georgia.

Many have asked what led me to Wisconsin.  I grew up spending my summers in the northern Wisconsin town of Minong.  In the 1960s my great grandparents purchased an old fishing resort on Lake Nancy.  Since then, my family has visited each year for an extended family reunion.  We love to fish, ski, hike, pick blueberries, ride ATVs, kayak, play sports, and spend quality time with family; however, it should be noted that every activity is turned into a competition somehow.  It is usually a few weeks of constant outdoor fun!  Wisconsin has always held a special place in my heart, and is a large part of why I love and care for the environment so much!

I believe environmental education is the key to getting the next generation interested in the environment, so together we can better conserve it for future generations to enjoy as well!

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