Naturalist Spotlight: Ethan Plumier

Hello there! My name is Ethan, but most folks who know me just call me EP. I have been fascinated by wildlife as far back as I can remember. There are pictures in my family’s photo albums of me toting around a massive copy of the Smithsonian Institute’s “Animal” book. I say toting, but it was more dragging since it was at least as heavy as I was.

My fascination with and passion for wildlife has led me to pursue headlong after a life and career in the outdoors, educating folks about the land and life I love so much. What better place to capture that opportunity than Upham Woods?!

I am excited for this spring and to get started sharing what I have learned and experienced with Upham guests! I hope to impart some of my passion for wildlife as well as the knowledge that the outdoors, and all that comes with it, is not some far-off location, but it is accessible wherever you are.