Naturalist Corner: Brooke and How Upham Stays Cool

Summer Naturalist Brooke Conrad answers a question we get a lot from parents and group leaders: how do you keep campers cool in crazy summer temperatures?

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy all nature has to offer. While I, like many Wisconsinites, am glad to see the snow go during the spring and summer months, enjoying time outside still comes with risks. One of those risks is heat, which can make adventures outside dangerous. Luckily here at Upham Woods, we have some tricks up our sleeve to combat the heat and enjoy time outside!

Upham Woods is fortunate to have some of the nicest beaches in the area located on Blackhawk Island. These beaches along with our swim beach on our mainland allow us to cool off our campers during hiking or canoe trips or as an activity.

In the event of extreme heat we also reduce time spent in the sun and outside. During activities we take breaks in the shade and down time is spent in cabins or in our Lodge. By doing this we still allow our campers to enjoy the various activities we have to offer while keeping them safe from the heat.

And lastly we STAY HYDRATED, whether we are on various hikes, canoeing adventures, or other activities around camp, Upham Staff makes sure to take many water breaks with youth and adults.

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