DOTS in Milwaukee

Upham Woods made it back out to Milwaukee in April. Staff mentored La Escuela Fratney students working on climate change projects for the Milwaukee Public Museum. Our rock nerds, Tempestt and Isabelle, spent a lot of time discussing extinction events with a group that is comparing the extinction of the Megalodon and the endangerment of the Snow Leopard. Our staff also worked with a group of students working on a project of their own interest and design. A group of students from Maryland Avenue Montessori are observing several trees in their schoolyard and trying to determine if the animals in the garden have a preference for coniferous or deciduous trees. The group is looking for evidence of animals like scat, tracks, nests, and when we’re all quiet enough – critters! Our staff helped the group graph their data and discussed the importance of different variables like weather on their data collection. Preliminary results show a preference for the sheltered conifers by small mammals and birds.


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