Arts Camp is back!


You could smell the creativity in the air as 4-H members from around the state joined together for a weekend of Arts.  Youth leaders and adult volunteers came together to run creative programming in visual arts, photography, theater, music, and communication for over 100 excited middle schoolers.

Campers learn about beats and rhythm during the music track.

Ashlynn, an adult volunteer from Winnebago County, shared that “Arts Camp defined the 4-H experience for me. My first state 4-H activity was art beat, which is essential arts camp for younger kids, and I was so inspired by the energy and creativity in that space, that I knew after I grew out of the camper role that I wanted to come back and serve as a counselor and now an adult.”

Between tracks, campers excitedly talked about their favorite activities and how they wanted to teach their friends back home. One of the favorite activities of the camp was perspective photography. Campers loved getting creative to take the perfect shot. Campers also loved the improv game, “what are you doing?” in the theater track and painting in the arts and crafts building. But for some campers, Arts camp was about more than activities. Elsa shared that she loved making new friends, while Jonah said spending time with each other was his favorite part of camp.

a person in the foreground is holding out her hand while blowing so it looks like the small people in the background are getting blown away

A camper pretends to blow away her friends while practicing perspective photography.

Counselors, like Stacy from Outagamie County, also played a huge role as they ensured that everyone felt welcome and included. “I’ve been to Arts camp before, and I like setting a good example for other kids because it shows them the right way to act. My job as a color group leader is to be a role model for the kids to make sure that they have fun and just have the best experience that they can.”

Thank you to everyone who came together to make Arts Camp a success. We love working with our colleagues in Wisconsin 4-H for camp experiences because they always bring so much joy and energy into this space. 4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential by working and learning in partnership with caring adults and will be back at Upham Woods soon for Art Beat in March!

If you know a child in 3rd-5th grade who loves arts, they can sign up for Art Beat through 4-H Online. Registration details will be released later this winter. For more information, check out:

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