Children and families roasting marshmallows on a campfireJoin us in skits and songs! A large, stadium seating campfire circle provides a great atmosphere for all ages! Campfires will actively involve students in silly skits, songs, and stories. Groups may start and lead campfires or request Upham staff assistance. We now have added a second, smaller campfire circle behind the Nature Center.

Accessibility notes: Campfires are often a loud experience with a lot of sensory agitations such as smoke and mosquitos. If individuals have sensory concerns, campfire skits can take place indoors without a fire. Individuals are encouraged to bring their own noise-cancelling headphones as needed. 

Campfires often take place at our campfire ring which is wheelchair accessible. The campfire ring has benches with back support but no arm rests. Alternative seating can be moved to the space as requested. 

Campfire Lesson Plan