Conservation Service Project

This image shows 2 youth and one adult with white hard hats on their heads. The adult is looking at the two youth who are using loppers to cut through a tree branch.Promote environmental stewardship and empower youth
to get involved at Upham Woods through implementing conservation and land management principles.  Conservation projects will help develop ecological knowledge and the skills needed to apply that knowledge to restore and preserve our land, water, air, and wildlife. These land management principles can then be easily applied to your own communities. Youth will be given an age-appropriate conservation project to work on during an 1½-3 hour time period. Upham staff will lead these activities. Supervision must be provided by at least 2 group adults. Please contact Upham Woods to determine a project that is appropriate for your group.
Specific activities that meet the needs of Upham and the group can be arranged, such as, invasive species pulls, understory thinning, biodiversity monitoring, and trail building.  

Accessibility needs: Upham Woods provides all of the necessary equipment from gloves to loppers, so people do not need to purchase their own. As conservation projects vary, the accessibility of each individual project is hard to determine as some projects require heavy tools, bending over, or walking up stairs, but if you communicate with us ahead of time, we will choose projects that are accessible for all individuals. 

Some projects do require participants to follow safety instructions due to the risk associated with some of our tools, such as hand saws. If you are concerned about participants’ ability to safely follow directions, we can strategically choose a different project. 


Conservation Program Manual