Peanut Butter Mountain Challenge Course

Peanut Butter Mountain (PBM) is Upham Woods’ challenge course. This course is great for both youth and adults as participants will work on communication, teamwork, trust, body language, and other group processes while participating in challenging group initiatives and low elements. Each program starts with several ground group initiatives and then progresses up to the challenge course. All participants MUST wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals). PBM programs must be facilitated by an Upham Woods staff member or a certified adult leader.

Accessibility notes: Getting to peanut butter mountain requires a walk of 0.75 miles and climbing 82 stairs. At certain points the stairs only have a handrail on one side. The course can also be accessed via car as it is a short drive from the main parking lot. Upham Staff are not allowed to drive participants, so visiting groups will need to arrange transport as necessary. Once at the course there are a variety of challenges that can accommodate a variety of access needs. Please inform staff ahead of time so they can plan a successful sequence for you.


Peanut Butter Mountain Challenge Course Manual