Dive into the Wisconsin River! Youth may swim in the Wisconsin River from June to August. An Upham staff lifeguard must be present.  There must be one lifeguard present for every 25 swimmers with a maximum of 50 swimmers at a time.  The group may provide the 2nd lifeguard. Lifeguards must provide proof of certification. Each group must schedule a swim test prior to the scheduled swim time; swim tests are required before free swims or water carnivals. A ratio of 1 adult: 10 swimmers must be maintained at all times. Swimming will be canceled if river flow exceeds 12,000 cfs or water temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accessibility notes: Our swim area is a sandy beach with a slight downward slope towards the river. While there is no paved path towards the water, individuals in wheelchairs and mobility devices may be able to access it with assistance depending on the type of mobility aid/wheelchair used and recent weather events. Please contact us so we can discuss how we can get you to the water if you want that option. The river bottom also has rocks and plants, so individuals with sensory concerns may want to wear water shoes. Life jackets will be available for anyone who would like them.