End of Summer Reflection: Quentin

Quentin Cauffman

Ever since I was a fourth grader one of my dreams was to become a Naturalist at the Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center. With my dream coming to an end I want to take some time to reflect on how it was. Being a Naturalist here at camp you have many responsibilities. Taking care of kids and teaching lessons to taking care of animals and providing customer service, the job covers a lot. Going into this position I had no idea that was ahead but I wouldn’t trade the summer for anything. The friends and now family I have created will last me a life time and I could not thank the people I have worked with more. Also, working with 4-H youth has been so rewarding for me. It allowed me to share my experiences that I have had on these hallowed grounds with them. It allowed me to teach a program that I was taught as a youth to another youth. It allowed me to share the 4-H experience with all that have walked through the door or off a bus. I have had so much enjoyment spreading joy to youth across the state from one position. I hope to maybe come back but I will never forget the people I worked with and of course the youth I have mentored. Thank you for an amazing summer!

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