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Upham Staff Travel to Milwaukee for Science!

Upham naturalists and coordinators hit the road this season for a unique opportunity to teach and learn with students in Milwaukee through an initiative called “Research Accelerators”. They are assisting teachers in guiding students to develop their skills in the scientific process by encouraging observation and data collection using Upham’s DOTS (Digital Observation Technology Skills) kits, asking questions specific to their communities, testing hypotheses, and submitting science projects for a community-based science fair at Escuela Verde Charter School called “Science Strikes Back”. Thus far, these visits have consisted of macro-invertebrate collection, water quality analysis, tree identification, autumn leaf examination, thermal investigation of local surroundings, and brainstorming about science project topics. Each class of students also writes a scientific narrative about their experience including data they collected which is then created into a digital scientific story. “Research Accelerators” would not be possible without Upham’s collaboration with Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) as part of the Environmental Education Initiative and Reflo, a Milwaukee non-profit organization. “Research Accelerators” this year consists of these Milwaukee schools and organizations: Hawley Environmental School, Ronald Reagen High School, Wehr Nature Center, Indian Community School, Urban Ecology Center, Vincent High School, Burdick School, North Division High School, Maryland Avenue Montessori, and La Escuela Fratney. Upham staff cherish the opportunity to work with these enthusiastic, bright young learners and hope these partnerships continue to grow to help create environmental stewards of our local communities.

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