Celebration of Expansion


Map of Upham Woods with the expansion drawn onto the map in purple. On Saturday, August 27, supporters of Upham Woods came together to celebrate the expansion of the Upham Woods property thanks to the generosity of Robin C. Buerki and Blackhawk Wawbeek Foundation. The new 1.5 acres is situated along Upham Woods’ northwest border and is accessible along the North Shore Trail. Attendees first gathered at the Upper Dells Education at Research Center where they were able to mingle. Amy Workman, the new Upham Woods director, Tricia Gorby, the Director of the Division of Extension Natural Resources Institute, and Kate Sullivan, Senior Institutional Planner, all shared a few words before cutting the celebratory cake. 

After the main festivities, attendees were invited to brave the rain and explore Upham Woods programming. Some attendees visited the new property while others trekked to the nature center to meet our reptiles and learn about animal signs. Thank you to everyone who came out, we are so thankful to you and hope you had a great time. 

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