This image shows three children standing under a structure supported by wooden beams. All of the children are holding archery bows. The closet child has the string pulled back and is aiming the arrow.Ready, Aim, Fire!
Students will have a great time working on their bowman skills as well as learning how to safely use basic archery equipment. Groups will practice shooting aluminum shaft arrows with adjustable tension compound bows at standard archery targets. A trained adult experienced in Archery may lead this activity provided an Upham Woods staff has oriented them.

Grade Level: Minimum 4th

Suggested Maximum Participants: 16 (1 adult required)

Accessibility notes:
At this time Upham Woods does not have any specialized archery equipment for individuals with upper limb disabilities. Upham Woods does have different sized bows with draw weights of 6-20lbs for individuals of varying strength. We also have a laminated visual instruction guide for individuals who learn best through visual aids as reinforcements: Visual Archery Instructions

Archery Lesson Plan