Upham Woods is a year-round, residential outdoor learning center serving organized groups including schools, 4-H camps, scout groups, youth and adult conferences and retreats, and adult education workshops.  Throughout the year we are open to the public with a diverse and fun series of public program days.  We also partner with local community organizations to provide after school and community-based programs.  Our experienced staff provide outreach through local library programs, on-site classroom programming, and participation in other local community organization events.  Grab and Go lesson plans are great resources for any person who has come, is planning a trip, or interested in coming to Upham Woods. We also support the integration of technology into our programming. We started with our Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) program which studies technology integration into environmental education. Every group that visits and participates in our educational programming will use technology to collect data and craft scientific stories. Learn more about DOTS at Upham and scientific storytelling.

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